About BOLD

BOLD aims to challenge and pivot the narrative of Africa in the diaspora by curating an exclusive collection of Luxury African with an affinity for BOLD impact.We believe that all Men - especially BOLD Men can do more as allies and advocates to young Girls and Women challenges in Africa. Thus, 20% of all BOLD purchases goes towards a cause that supports women and young girls in Africa through The BOLD Foundation.

We want to build a community of individuals and inspire them to be BOLD in appearance, purpose, and impact.


Why Custom Tailoring?

Natural Materials

Every BOLD garment is handmade to the highest of standards and precision. Feel the comfort of perfect fit clothes.


From high-quality fabric to intricate hand knitting techniques, our designers stitch and seam in the pursuit of creating a perfect garment.

Unique Design

Our customised offerings allow our clients create custom pieces in collaboration with the highly skilled BOLD design team.

Individual Approach

You can co-design your garment at every stage – from the selection of style collections, to intricate details such as personalised embroidery.


Featured Works